Golf Pros

Colin Westerman Golf Fitness will help students maximize the results of their CPGA and PGA teaching professionals.  I will help correct physical limitations in students bodies so that they can better achieve the positions you are trying to get them in.  Many of these limitations can be corrected through the proper administration of a golf specific training program.

My mission is to make golfers better.  Working together with a qualified and certified golf professional, I believe that all students will see better results faster.  In the end, we will both greatly benefit from our combined knowledge and our students will love the game even more.  I WILL NOT TEACH THE GOLF SWING.  That is the job of a qualified CPGA or PGA golf professional.  All I do is give your students bodies the best chance possible of getting into the proper positions for square clubface delivery.  Please contact me and we can set up a time to discuss our common goal and if you have never had a TPI screen yourself, I would be happy to show you how it goes and how you measure up to the PGA tour pros.