What is TPI?

TPI stands for the Titliest Performance Institute and is based in Carlsbad, California. It is a worldwide organization with over 55,000 members. It was formed by Dr. Greg Rose and PGA Professional Dave Philips who host Golf Channel Fitness Academy on Golf Channel. TPI was created as a network of health, fitness and golf professionals to focus on the needs of golfers starting with juniors and going all the way up to touring professionals. Any personal trainer who works with a touring pro will have a TPI accreditation. By forming an association that focuses on the needs of golfers, TPI is best able to serve the health needs of the golf community. For more information visit www.mytpi.com

What is a golf screen?

A golf screen is a series of assessments designed specifically to show you which part of your body is not properly functioning in your golf swing. There are fundamental things the body must do to get into a good position and the screen will show you where your body is holding you back.

I want to improve my golf swing while also losing weight. Will this help me?

Any exercise program will assist in weight loss, but by far the most important aspect of weight loss is monitoring and controlling what you eat and drink. My primary goal is golf fitness and helping you get better at the game you love.   Initially you may be doing some very low intensity exercises because you have to get muscles working before adding load in order to prevent injuries. After progressing through the  muscle activation work, we will gradually add intensity  which will burn more calories and help you lose weight. If weight loss is your primary goal, we can start with your golf assessment and program and then I will refer you to one of my highly trained associates at www.fitbycolin.ca for all your weight loss needs.  They will incorporate personalized golf exercises into your weight loss program and you will get the best of both worlds.

Do you give golf lessons as well?

No, I will leave that up to a golf pro.  I work on allowing your body to get into the positions that a qualified golf professional is trying to get you in. If you need a referral to a CPGA professional in your area, I can arrange that.

Do you use video analysis?

During the initial TPI screen I will video your swing from a front and a down the line view.  Then I draw reference lines and run the video to show you some of the common swing faults that you may be doing. Many swing faults can be correlated with certain issues in your body. For example, standing up out of your posture in the backswing can be caused by tight lats or calves, both of which we test for in the screen. By watching you swing, I will have clues as to what to look for in the screen.

Will you work with my golf pro during a lesson or a playing lesson?

I will make sure to set up an open line of communication with your teaching professional so that we both know what you are working on in your game.  I can come to one of your lessons to show him or her your physical limitations so that they get an idea of what you are working on in the gym to help your swing.  We are a team dedicated to improving your game, and I will do everything to help you get better.

What if I need a referral to a qualified health professional?

Sometimes you need more than just exercises in the gym to get your body to where it needs to go.  I have a network of massage, physio, chiropractors and CPGA pros to help you out where you need it.

How long will it take to see results?

Typically, students start to see results within 2-3 sessions, which is why I recommend doing at least 5 sessions with me to begin with.  You will see the fastest results if you do your “homework” that I ask you to do in between our sessions.  There is only so much I can so in one or two hours a week, so it is up to you as well.  It’s just like practicing in between lessons with your golf teacher.