• Improve your body to improve your swing


  • Improve your body to improve your swing


Many swing deficiencies are a result of improperly functioning bodies. No matter how much you try and get into a position for a powerful golf swing, your bodies limitations may never let you get there. You may be too tight, too weak or too unstable somewhere along the swing path to ever let you get into proper swing positions. Whether you are looking to increase power, reduce chronic golf pain, or improve your ability to remain strong for 18 holes, Colin Westerman Golf Fitness will help get you there.

The Process

The Process begins with a 90 minute full body strength, stability, flexibility and power test. This determines where the deficiencies in your body are that are inhibiting your swing. After prioritizing the areas that you need to focus on, a personalized program is designed and taught to you. Colin can then work with you on an hourly basis to implement the program and make sure that you are performing all of the exercises properly while teaching you how to progress as your body gets stronger.


I give you all the exercises necessary to get the most out of your golf swing by narrowing the focus to exactly what you need. There will be no wasted exercises in your program and you can be sure that everything you do in the gym will apply directly to your swing. I work directly with your golf instructor to learn what you are working on to help keep everyone on the same page. I will figure out if you need strength, power, flexibility or balance, and guarantee that your golf swing will feel better in five sessions.


I work with everyone from the beginning golfer to the touring pro. At each stage in your development you will need different skills to help you progress. I recognize where you need to improve and design the program accordingly. When one step is corrected, we work on the next one, all the while fine tuning your body as it gets better and better. Just like your golf swing, your body evolves and is constantly changing. My students embrace the change and the challenge of getting better.